How does the Frutta Bowls program work? How do I earn points?

When you become a member of Frutta Bowls Rewards, you will earn 1 spoon (point) for every $1 you spend in participating Frutta Bowls restaurants.

You can also earn spoons (points) by referring a friend!

We love our Frutta Bowls members. You’ll start out with Entry level status when you join. If you earn 101 points within a 12-month period, you’ll achieve Gold status. Earn 401 points within a 12-month period and you’ll achieve Platinum status! You will maintain your status for the rest of the current program year and the next program year. If you want to maintain your Gold or Platinum status for another year, simply earn 101 or 401 points by your next program anniversary.

Earn points every time you enjoy a fresh and healthy treat from Frutta Bowls. You will always receive rewards for every 100 spoons (points) earned. Your rewards can be used toward purchases at any participating Frutta Bowls restaurant. You can boost your earning power with each level you move through. As you move up through each level, you will gain other benefits, like free birthday treats and customized offers. Sweet!


How will I benefit from Frutta Bowls Rewards?

You’ll receive great benefits like:

  • $1 = 1 spoon (point)
  • Flexible rewards every 100 points
  • Eligible for surprise and delight, customized and local offers
  • Free birthday treat at Entry, Gold and Platinum levels
  • Flexibility in earning at register, online orders or with receipt for up to 30 days
  • Ability to increase earning potential the more you visit Frutta Bowls
  • Earn points through dollars spent, referring friends and participating in reward campaigns


What are the Frutta Bowls Rewards levels? What types of rewards are available at each?

What are spoons?

We call points “spoons.” $1 spent equals one spoon. The more spoons you earn, the more rewards you receive!


How do I join Frutta Bowls Rewards?

Download the Frutta Bowls Rewards app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play store, or find a link to the program on the Frutta Bowls website. Follow the on-screen prompts to sign up for an account and start earning. Limit one Frutta Bowls Rewards member per device. Remember, if you are a member of our old loyalty program, sign up with the same email address to transfer your points to Frutta Bowls Rewards.


Will I need a smartphone to be part of the Frutta Bowls Rewards program?

Yes. You will need to sign up for the Frutta Bowls Rewards program via the app.


I forgot my phone during my visit. Can I still receive points?

Yes, be sure to ask for a receipt at the time of your purchase. Your receipt will contain a barcode that can be scanned into the app, or tell the cashier the cellphone number you have connected to your account and they can connect your account on the point of sale.


Where can I download the app?

The Apple App Store and Google Play store.


Will Frutta Bowls Rewards be available at all Frutta Bowls locations?

The program is available at all U.S. Frutta Bowls locations that can participate in Frutta Bowl Rewards.


Will I receive emails from Frutta Bowls after entering my email address to sign up?

You will receive exclusive promotions, healthy tips, and information on what’s happening at Frutta Bowls. But you can opt out at any time.


Will my name be put on a mailing list for other organizations?

No, Frutta Bowls does not give out or sell your information to any other person, company, or entity.


Earning and Redeeming


How do I know when I have received a reward and how do I redeem it?

You will receive an email and, if you are using the app, a push notification when a reward is earned. You will need to click ‘redeem’ in the app or under ‘available offers’ in the online ordering flow to use your reward. Once you have done this on the app, you will have 2 hours to use the reward or it will go back into your account. Codes from the website will be good for 24 hours before expiring.


How will I know what level I am in and when I move up?

The home screen of the Frutta Bowls Rewards app will indicate what level you are currently at and how far you are from the next level.


Will my banked rewards expire?

No. Banked rewards (dollars) will not expire


Will my redeemables expire?

Yes. The validation period will be different for each redeemable.  Be sure to double check the redeemable for the validation period.


Will my points expire?

If you make at least 1 purchase every 6 months, you will never lose your point balance. You will also remain in your respective tier if you earn the designated points needed for that tier each year.

If you do not make a purchase in a 6-month period, you will be notified at the 30-day and 7-day mark of your point expiration that you will lose your points if you don’t make a visit by this date. You will lose all your points if you do not make a purchase, but you will keep your membership status and rewards for a year after losing the points.

If you continue to be inactive after both the 6-month inactive points reset and year of membership, you will lose your reward tier status and will be reset back to entry level. You will however keep any reward dollar amounts in perpetuity.


Is there a limit on the amount of points I can earn per transaction?

Yes. You can only earn up to 100 spoons per transaction.


Do I get credit for change?

Frutta Bowls Rewards will award points rounded to the nearest dollar. If you spend $9.65, you will earn 10 points.


What if my bill is less than the banked reward dollars I am redeeming? Do I get the money back?

Yes. Unredeemed rewards will go back into your account. Example: Check is for $9.50 and you redeem $10 in banked reward dollars. You will receive $.50 back into you banked reward balance.


Can I redeem the exact amount of my bill?

Rewards can only be redeemed in $1 increments. If you would like to cover your whole bill, round up to the nearest dollar. The change left over will be put back in your account after the transaction.


I place my orders online, how will I receive credit for my purchase?

Once you land on the online ordering page on the Frutta Bowls website or app, select Log In in the top right corner. Use your Frutta Bowls Rewards username and password to log in. You will now automatically earn points for your online purchases, and you can redeem any offers you have in your account.


Can I still use my phone number at a store if I don’t have a smartphone or forgot my phone?

Yes, phone numbers can be used to earn or redeem Frutta Bowls Rewards. Just tell the cashier before the transaction is closed.


Will my rewards go away with the new Frutta Bowls Rewards app update?

No, your points will not go away.


I forgot my Username / Password.

If you cannot access your account hit the “Forgot Password” link below the login fields in the app. You will receive an email to the email address you used to sign up with Frutta Bowls Rewards. Or you can email [email protected].

We cannot reset your password if you signed up with your Facebook account. You will need to create a new account and email [email protected]


Do I earn rewards when I purchase online?

Yes. If you are a Frutta Bowls Rewards member you earn 1 spoon (point) for every $1 you spend online or in the Frutta Bowls Rewards app. Make sure you have logged in with your Frutta Bowls Rewards username and password to ensure the accounts are connected.


Can I use my banked rewards when I purchase online?

Yes. When you get to the “Checkout” page in the ordering process you will be given the option to pay via credit card, Rewards or gift card. You can even apply any redeemables in your account.


Where can I find the online ordering button?

In the Frutta Bowls Rewards app, select the Order icon in the bottom navigation. Select the location you want to order from and proceed with the order.